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Water Rats


Verhaltenskologie der Australischen Schwimmratte
Eco-ethology of the Australian Water Rat

Water Rats
IEC 97
Field Study

On these pages, I provide information about my PhD thesis Eco-Ethology of the Australian Water Rat, on Water Rats in general, on my master thesis and on other related projects.
The buttons on the left all link to English pages. Some more information is available on bilingual and German webpages which are linked in the text below.

Australian Water Rats

     Hydromys chrysogaster   

Contents of my PhD thesis:

  • "Optimal Diving" strategy
  • Foraging strategies under water, "Optimal Foraging"
  • Vibrissae as sense-organs for location of submerged food
  • Etho-ecology and field studies

Research Members:

  • Dirk Petzold (PhD thesis: diving behaviour, sensorics, diving & foraging experiments, field study)
  • Prof. Fritz Trillmich (supervisor)
  • Dr. Martina Raffel (field study)
  • Michael Schleef (master thesis: optical orientation)

Methods and animals:

Water rats

Water Rats in diving trials at the Konrad Lorenz Institute, Vienna

Proposal for the field project in Australia
(Dirk Petzold & Dr. Martina Raffel, Sept - Nov 1998)

Master thesis:

The Diving Behaviour of the Australian Water Rat:
Optimal Diving and Dive Limits
English Summary

PhD Thesis:

Proposal PhD Thesis

More infos on Water Rats from literature and preliminary results are availabe on German pages only, linked on the PhD page.

Field study in Australia

Photos from the field study

Other abstracts and information:

Text of film about Water Rats at the
"Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft" congress 1996 in Oldenburg

Abstract Poster for "Deutsche Ethologische Gesellschaft" congress
in Groningen 1996

Abstract for IEC International Ethological Congress, Vienna, 1997


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